BORDER BEER FEST What started as conversation between friends about beer, slowly began the idea that there should be something more to offer people in South Texas when it comes to beer. Not just drinking beer but experiencing beer is the idea of David Vasquez, event organizer of Border Beer Fest and more recently, Border Beer Week. As we begin our 4th year of the craft beer experience, we are proud to expand it and add a week long set of events that include the Border Bike Challenge, Beerlympics & Border Beer Fest.  We hope to give Laredo & South Texas a new avenue to enjoy beer in a way they have never experienced. Please connect with us on Facebook, check out our videos on YouTube and share your tweets with us on Twitter. Don't forget the hashtag, #BBF2015 CHEERS!


What the heck is a beer tasting festival? Beer festivals are organized events that make available beer beverages for “tastings” and purchase. These festivals focus on craft beers and not only on national brand beverages. Sample tasting tickets are provided at entrance and more sample tasting tickets can be purchased.
What is Border Beer Fest?
The Border Beer Fest is the biggest beer tasting event in South Texas. With an endless supply of music, food, and beer, Border Beer Fest is one Laredo, Texas premiere parties. Beer enthusiast from Laredo and surrounding areas are invited to sample beer, vote on their favorite, learn how to pair beer with food, plus listen to great live music, and enjoy a cuisine from Laredo’s most popular beer joints.
The event will be held at the Laredo Energy Arena Saturday February 28th, 2015 from 7p.m. to 12a.m.  Sample Tickets will cost $25 while designated drivers enjoy a $15 cover that gives them all the benefits of the Border Beer Fest without being able to drink any alcohol. To sample, sample glasses will be given to those who wish to taste beer and receive a sample card with 12 total samples. Additional cards may be purchased for $5. This will be a 21 and up event to avoid any safety issues and ALL attendees will be required to present proof of age. No exceptions will be made. While security will be at its maximum, we will make sure this event will be one to remember for years to come.
What do I get with my ticket price? All will be provided with a tasting glass, sample taste ticket, sample food, & live entertainment. All workshops are free.
Why only 21 Years and Older? For safety purposes and enjoyment of all attendees, no one under 21 years of age will be allowed into the event. Picture ID will be required to enter the event. No exceptions. So, please don’t forget your ID! You will be asked to go home and come back with it. Wristbands will be placed on all ticket holders. Get there early. PLUS IT'S THE LAW.
How much are the tickets? Sample Tickets are $25. Don't drink? A designated driver ticket can be purchased for $15.  
Why a Designated Driver Ticket? Designated Driver Ticket is $15. To ensure everyone has a fun and safe time, the designated driver program will be implemented at the 4th Annual Border Beer Fest. Designated Drivers will help transport friends and family home safely. Designated Drivers enjoy the festivities, including Chef demonstrations and other workshops, great food, live entertainment, all at a reduced cost. BBF organizers strongly encourage that you bring your Hero to take you home. Designated Drivers found consuming alcohol during the event will be asked to leave.
Will you accept Credit Cards? Yes, we will be able to swipe your card at the door and there are ATMs available.
What if I loose my sample ticket? Sample tickets will not be replaced. Extra sample tickets will be for sale at the event. You can also enjoy your favorite brand beer at the concession stand, with the purchase of beer at the concession stands.
What happens if I take off my wristband? Wristbands will not be replaced. Cost of wristbands is price of admission. Those without a wristband will be treated as designated drivers and no sample taste beers or concession beers will be sold to you. No exceptions.
What is Border Beer Week? The 2015 year marks a huge addition to the Border Beer Fest in making it a week long celebration, called Border Beer Week which includes a the Border Bike Challenge, Border Beer & Doughnut Run and  2015 Beerlympics qualifier leading up to the Border Beer Fest. All the events will begin February 21st, 2015 and conclude with the BBF February 28th.
What is the Border Beer & Doughnut Run?
Runners/Walkers/Crawlers will join us for an early morning run to raise money for South Texas Academic Rising Scholars.  
What is the Border Bike Challenge?
Border Bike Challenge is a mountain bike challenge that is set to bring out the best in pro biking.  Sunday February 22nd, 2015 - the trails are set and the weather will be perfect for anyone set to take the challenge at the Shiloh Bike Trails.
What is the Beerlympics?
Beerlympics is a competition of Beer Pong, Darts, Quarters & Life-sized Jenga. Beerlympians compete to take the GOLDEN KEG home.  Teams wishing to participate should visit for info on registration.
A quick side note: As per TABC Law, we WILL NOT be using ANY alcohol whatsoever in the Beerlympics. Water will be used in place of beer.  However beer will be available for purchase at the 
How do I participate in any of the Border Beer Week activities?
Visit to register
Will I be allowed to re-enter? There will be no re-entry to the 4th Annual Border Beer Fest to ensure that all attendees have been identified correctly. BBF organizers ask that all guests plan accordingly.
Can I get a refund? Because of the nature of the event, Border Beer Fest does NOT issue refunds or grant exchanges.
Can I bring my kids? This is strictly a 21+ event and encourage you to make plans to find child care for the evening.
Can I get a pet? No pets are allowed
How can I volunteer to pour beer?
Simply email us. - volunteers receive FREE admission, sample glass & sample card, and a official BBF T-shirt for helping out.
Where can I get Tickets? or at the Laredo Energy Arena Box Office
Did we NOT answer your question? Email us.


For information or sponsorship opportunities please reach out to us by email at or fill out the information below


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